Saturday, August 13, 2005

Fantastic day

This morning I was a little down, because my girlfriend left town to go to her friend's birthday party.

But now I'm all fresh and glowy!!

Today I went out into the Surrey countryside with a few mates for a bit of mountain biking. I last did this regularly back in 1999, until I came off and broke my elbow, so I am way out of my condition and so is the bike (although apparently 'retro' 90s bikes are in fashion at the moment due to their garich colours and 'hardcore' image).

Even though the rain started as we did, and I was a little rusty and out of condition, I had a really great time going up and down Holmbush Hill.

When I was living in Maidenbower, my flatmate and I would quite often ride over to Tilgate Forest, which as far as I know is still a pretty good place to ride. I've been way too lazy for the past 5 years, but I am no longer happy with this, or my expanding waistline...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Crawley 5(2) AFC Wimbledon 4(3)

My first game of the season, and first at Crawley for years, and what a game to witness.

Pre-match build up was meeting Darren from Beer In The Evening and Mike at Crawley Station, a quick pint in The Downsman (mainly so that Darren & Mike could report on it for the website) and off to the game.

A few Dons fans had stayed away, saying the £11 entry was too high. Well, I guess they feel vindicated now after missing nine goals. That's about £1.2o per goal.

Wimbledon took the early lead through a 2nd minute goal. By the 24th minute they'd made it three, even though Crawley was playing well in midfield. Presumably fearing the sight of Francis Vines at half time, Town rallied and Burton scored two in quick succession before half time.

Crawley came out the stronger at the restart, and Burton quickly made his hat-trick, all of them quality finishes. He was subbed later on, but with a few triallists to give a run out, this wasn't a poor decision. Not when one of them, whose name escapes me (no thanks to the worst announcer in the world) sets up a fourth goal before scoring a fifth, which looked like a mishit cross from the other end but was apparently intentional. The visitors, who had started looking more dangerous again managed a fourth goal to set up a nailbiting finish, but Crawley held their ground, with chances going begging at both ends.

About that announcer. If he's the DJ as well, he ought to hang his head in shame. Not only does he get most of the names and numbers mixed up for the Crawley substitutions, but the half time 'entertainment' included playing 'Albatross' by Fleetwood Mac. Hello? It's a football game!! The only saving grace was that he tried his best with the name of the Wimbledon no2, which was long and Polish.