Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Been a while...

Sheer slackness really.

The sheer drudgery of the football season, with Crawley bobbing around in the relegation zone and Fulham heading for mid-table mediocrity if they don't lose it, has not been much of an inspiration. Neither has the state of politics - every time I start thinking that the Labour Government is starting to respond to the Party and the people, they do something like the Education Bill.

And don't even get me started on the local council and the way that the Labour Group completely lost the plot over travellers. All I'll say is that after all the moaning about how we can never allow a Tory Mayor, or even Deputy Mayor, we got one anyway.

Oh well. In the meantime, I did get to find out about this:

The Evil Atheist Conspiracy

I'd join it, if it exists. Which it doesn't. Of course.


Skuds said...

So... you are looking forward to the AGM too!

Sorry about chopping and changing

Now settled at" under the title of Skuds' sister's brother

Danivon said...

Oh, yes an AGM. I can't wait...