Saturday, May 27, 2006

Not that bloggers ever self obsess...

I've been 'tagged' by Skuds, so I'd better provide my reader with a list.

I am sitting down
I want a socialist government
I wish I had more enthusiasm
I hate intolerance
I love marmite
I miss trains
I fear my boss noticing how rubbish I am
I hear the birds nesting in my roof
I wonder where Tories come from
I regret having spent too much time on regret
I am not as dumb as I look
I dance like no one's watching
I sing to Pantera
I cry at the end of Mean Machine
I make arguments
I write less than I ought to
I confuse myself
I need a good strong coffee
I should get out more
I start as late as possible
I finish the few things I don't forget about
I tag no one. so there


Skuds said...


Sing to Pantera though... blimey. I tried singing to Sepultura once and that was bad enough.

Danivon said...

Oh, Pantera are far easier to sing to. Oh, if only I had long hair again, that I could swing around in a moshpit while making an angry face.

Such is the sweetness of nostalgia...