Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fame, fortune, beer!

I didn't think that they'd go for it, but I got an article published on the Guardian's Comment Is Free pages (CiF).

They changed the title, and added a reasonable standfirst (that's the preamble paragraph, which was news to me until quite recently). They took out the links I put in to pages about Joseph Chamberlain and George Lansbury in local government, but they didn't fix my appalling clash of perspective the the fifth paragraph (which maybe no-one else will notice but is flashing in red lights to my eyes). The picture is the least awful one I could get, using a mobile phone camera in my front room.

Anyway - it's low level fame. After being in the background of a NorthWestminster piece, and being interviewed for local TV down here, my media empire inexorably spreads to the national stage.

Mwah ha ha hahhh!

Right, as I have the day off and my mate Darren is about, I'm off to the pub.


Richard W. Symonds said...

I told you you should write more !!! Well done - and I've pitched in with a few comments. You wouldn't expect me to shut up now, would you ?

Danivon said...

I thought that might be you. Don't know how we can 'create' Gatwick City, even if it were desirable - the government dictates which areas will become unitary authorities, and the Queen (gawd bless 'er) decides which towns can become cities.

Danivon said...

Oh, I think that second comment will get deleted. tsk tsk, using a naughty word!!!

Richard W. Symonds said...

And the Queen gets her instructions from the Lord Lieutenant's Office at County Hall (see 'Gatwick City Independent' - recent comments) - so, you are right - fat chance of a Unitary Authority with City Status in Crawley...The 'master-puppeteers' in West Sussex are utterly desperate to oust Laura Muppett from power next May - so as to install a 'puppet regime' in Crawley.