Monday, November 27, 2006

Councillor Crow, snide?

Skuds discusses the recent Council meeting on the Transfer of council homes, with the opening line:

"I think it was meant to be a snide remark from Councillor Crow at tonight's extraordinary
council meeting about council housing transfer, but really its a compliment."

The thought of Duncan Crow ever making a snide remark? Gosh! And he was going on about personalising politics earlier (trying to defend Cllr Quirk, who was being questioned from the public gallery about statements he'd made when trying to get elected). Of course, I've never heard Councillor Crow ever utter a word which might be construed as a personal attack, or 'playing the man, not the ball'.

Well, not so much since I left the Council anyway...


Skuds said...

I see your point...

I have just looked up "tautology" in the dictionary ;-)

Danivon said...

Actually the one word that I can't get out of my head at the moment is 'nerk', invented for Porridge because they could never use the real prison argot, so came up with new insults.

Nerk. Given the context it seemed to be used in by NS Fletcher, I think it works.