Tuesday, July 03, 2007

People will insist that this doesn't happen

MCB condemns terrorism & calls for people to help the policeSecretary General Muhammad Abdul Bari said:

"Those who seek to deliberately kill or maim innocent people are the enemies of us all. There is no cause whatsoever that could possibly justify such barbarity."

Can't argue with that, can we. However, I bet you that I read in the next few days several people saying things like "so where are all the 'moderate' muslims who are publicly disassociating themselves from terrorists" or even "with the silence from the muslim community, are all of them in sympathy with the bombers?".

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Danivon said...

For pity's sake, I'm sick of these BNP screeds from Aberdeen.

That one has been deleted because I fully expect that it's just another cut and past job from their blog.