Saturday, March 03, 2007

New job

Last night was the Crawley Labour Party AGM. A pretty dry affair, except for when the old personal feuds get dragged into things.

However, the upshot is that I have been elected to the post of 'Press Officer'. As a result, I have added the disclaimer to the bottom of this website - what I put here is from me, and is not part of that role unless explicitly stated (in which case it will probably be part of a press release anyway).

The weird thing for me is that until recently, the post didn't exist. In fact, it was only created because when I was the Chairman back in 2004/5, I urged the party to look at how it dealt with publicity.

I should have known that I'd end up with the job some time.

[edit - for clarification, this job is not a paid position, and it is not for Laura Moffat, but for the local Party]


Richard W. Symonds said...

Congratulations...but I thought Skudders had that job ?

Just don't get so 'politically correct' that you just become boring...

Danivon said...

He did. The AGM was last week and Skuds did not stand for the post.

The room looked at me when it came up. Erk!

Skuds said...

Its poetic justice isn't it?

All part of my cunning plan - as I am not a delegate to the constituency it would not be right for me to hold any post, especially not one with ex officio (non-voting) membership of the executive.

Now I should feel less constrained and able to get more involved inthe anti-Nazi stuff.