Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cameron - Channelling Gordon Brown?

Dave, the smoothy leader of the Tories, told us the other day that he was not like Gordon Brown.

Funny, then, than Tom Freeman has noticed that much of that very same speech was a simplified version of what Gordon himself had been saying - inclusive government, not relying on top-down solutions etc etc.

The main difference between the two is, I think, that Gordon Brown believes what he says and that he'll get some time to demonstrate it. David Cameron is in the business of promising moon sticks (and I still don't understand how the Tory 'new localism' won't lead to an increase in 'postcode lotteries').


Gordon Seekings said...

What the hell are moon sticks!?!?!

Danivon said...

It comes from the expression "What more do you want, the moon on a stick?", in reply to excessive or overreaching demands.

See here for clarification.

I wrote a rather laboured post about politics and moon sticks a while ago