Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cohen, what are you doing?

A while ago I noted that Nick Cohen, writer and polemicist, had chided the 'Left' for only concentrating on how bad the Iraq war was and ignoring the plight of the Iraqis themselves.


At the time, I noted that Nick's website only seemed to include plugs for his book, and no mention of the sterling work that he does to actually support Iraqi trade unionists. I checked again today, 3 months later. I notice a new article by Cohen that he plugs in Democratiya. Oh good, I thought. Except that it is not about Iraq at all. It's a review of Paul Anderson's Orwell in Tribune (which was out last year).

So what does Nick do for the Iraqi Trade Unionists, when he's not busy self-promoting and writing about his obsessions with the 'Left'? He even manages to bring his thesis into the review.

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